I received an ARC of this book from InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s blog tour promotions.

I have to admit that I was actually hesitant to read this book. I read both Dirty Past and Dirty Secret, and while I enjoyed both books, there were some issues there that stopped me from being a hundred percent sold out. Dirty Secret had a very interesting story line, but I just could get myself to like the heroine. Dirty Past was a bit better, but I was kind of disappointed in the resolution of the issues at the end. I decided to soldier on and read Dirty Lies because it still sounded really good, and I kind of like this particular Burke brother.

It turns out that continuing this series was a very good decision on my part. The main characters just had this chemistry that I didn’t find in Book 1. I also liked the characters individually. Of course, Tate is still my favorite Burke, but Aidan is a close second. I also think that Jessie was the best heroine, so far.

If you haven’t read the first two books, it’s fine. You can still enjoy this book without feeling like you’ve missed out on a lot of details. However, it’s more enjoyable to read the previous books before you read this because you will get to see Aidan as a band member, a brother, and a friend. Dirty Lies is a good book to read, especially if you like rockstars and musically-inclined heroes.


“This,” she says, pointing to the trees curving around my wrist. “So random. What do they mean?”

“Home,” I answer instantly. “My house has been surrounded by these trees my whole life. I travel so much, sometimes the only time I can remember is when I’m on a tour bus, traveling down the interstate, brushing my teeth. And this helps me remember.”

“And this?” she tugs down the collar of my shirt. “ ‘One, two, three, four’?”

“The words I say before every song,” I explain, thinking of the words that are inked collarbone to collarbone. “Four of the most important words I’ll ever say.”

“And these?” She lifts my shirt this time, revealing the lyrics curving around my left side.

“The lyrics from the first song we ever wrote. It was fucking garbage and never recorded, but the lines are everything to me.”

“ ‘It’s you, baby, it’s you / Your smile, your hair, your lips, your touch,’ ” she reads aloud, finger tracing across the ink wrapping around my side.

“Stop,” I groan, shoving my shirt back down and pushing her hands away.

“Come on!” she laughs. “All of it, Aidan!”


“Fine. I’ll just read it next time we line up.”

“You’re gonna have sex with me just to read the tattoo?”

“No.” She sits up and, resting her hand on the grass by the side of my head, looks down at me. “I’m going to make you think we’re having sex, read your tattoo, then run away.”

“What makes you think I’ll let you run away?”

“Didn’t say I’d get very far,” she mutters.

“Do you have an answer for everythin’?”

“Do you have a question for it?” Her delicate brows curve upward, questions in her eyes. “Precisely,” she continues before I can answer. “As long as you keep askin’, I’ll keep answerin’.”

“I have a question.” I sit up, fighting my smile, and push her hair from her eyes. “Can I kiss you?”

Her lips part, shock flickering in her eyes, before she closes her mouth. She shakes her head, a smile forming, and meets my eyes. “Well played, rocker boy. Well played.”

“That isn’t an answer.”

“Yes,” she sighs, leaning forward to kiss me. She tastes like candy apples and soda, sweetness overload, and it would be so easy to get high on her right now.

“There,” she says softly, pulling back. “Answered.”

“Acknowledgment,” I correct her, pulling her closer to me. “This is your answer.”

I kiss her long and hard and deep until I’m sure I really am high on her.

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