I actually don’t know how to review this book. I think this is the lightest story from Tillie Cole, so far. I mean, Sweet Home wasn’t really dark, but there was constant heavy drama going on, especially with Rome’s family. Eternally North was fullof light, funny moments, courtesy of the very gay and very happy best friend, John aka Tink. I have to be honest here and say that while I absolutely adore Tillie Cole and worship every book she’s ever published, Eternally North is sadly my least favorite of them all.

Let me tell you why. First, I love Tash and Tink and their dynamic duo. I love it when two best friends are as loyal and loving as they are to each other. I also love Tudor and Tate. I think that their employee to boss kind of friendship was full of respect. I love Tink and Tate together. I like that Tink found himself a man who was his opposite but was very into him that aside from Tash, he was one other person who accepted Tink and adored him in all his glittery weirdness. I love Tash and Tudor. Honestly, who wouldn’t love them, right?

However, I feel like all of this reads to easy for me. I felt like the story was too simple. When Tudor’s issues were finally revealed, it felt like it just came out of nowhere. I’m not saying this in a bad way, but I kind of wanted something much less dramatic than what really happened in the book. Anyway, even if this was my least favorite, I still love it enough to wait and see if a second book will push through. The ending was completely a HFN kind of conclusion, and I would love to read more of Tink and his awesome ways.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Eternally North

Book 2 – In His World


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