Let me just say that as of the moment, there isn’t anything from Ms. Tillie Cole that I did not love. Even my least favorite ones are still high rating books. I knew the moment I started reading It Ain’t Me, Babe that I was going to be hooked on her books. As soon as I finished Styx and Mae’s stories, I immediately started on Ky and Lilah.

I loved this book too. I didn’t love it as much as I loved the previous one, but this book was still miles apart from its contemporaries. I don’t know how Ms. Cole does it, but she just takes an MC romance novel and injects a lot of deeper stories into it and magnifies the emotion and mind blowing suspense, making every reader addicted to her books. I am just a big fan of her. Most contemporary romance novels these days are one dimensional. You have a hero and a heroine, a big conflict, and a guaranteed HEA. With Ms. Cole’s books, you have a hero and a heroine, a conflict, another conflict, more conflict, suspense, romance, and a seemingly impossible-to-get HEA.

The reason I am giving this book four red hearts instead of five is Lilah. And Ky. Before you crucify, let me tell you first that I love them both together. Ky and Lilah truly deserve each other after everything that they went through, and their love story is beautiful. However, individually, I wasn’t won over. Ky will always be a beta to me, and I really much prefer the alphas. And of course, I still haven’t forgotten the fact that he discouraged Styx from pursuing Mae in the first book. And Lilah, well, what can I say. She eventually found her strength, and she ended up being a brave woman. But she was weak before that. And judgmental too.

Anyway, what do I take away from Heart Recaptured? It’s the fact that regardless of your faith, regardless of what you believe in, we are all the same in the sense that we always believe in something bigger than ourselves. Whether we worship God, Allah, or Science, the truth is that we worship something. We have faith in something. Or someone. And that, my friends is really what makes us all equal in the eyes of the universe.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – It Ain’t Me, Babe

Book 2 – Heart Recaptured

Book 3 – Souls Unfractured

Book 4 – Deep Redemption











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