Tillie Cole has a way of opening a story one way and completely changing it through the course of the book that at the end of the tale, it has become a different kind of story before your very eyes. It happened all the time with her Hades Hangmen books. The same thing goes for this book. Sweet Home isn’t your usual new adult romance. Yes, it’s like a fairy tale. Yes, there’s Romeo and Juliet infused into it. Yes, it’s in a college setting. Yes, the angst is all there. But no, it’s not going to be something you’ve read before.

Rome… What can I say? I loved this hero. He was swoonworthy. It was mentioned that he was kind of a player, but that wasn’t shown in the book. He was actually serious about things like school and football. He was a poor little rich kid who lived with terrible parents. There’s a reason why his life was the way it was, and that’s explained in the book. What I loved most about this hero was the way he loved the heroine and the way he stood up for her and by her in every obstacle they were faced with. For a player who grew up rich, he was actually very mature and responsible and strong.

The thing that I loved most about this book was the fact that it read like a fairy tale. It was about a girl and a boy falling in love and fighting for that love, knowing when to stand up against adversity, staying together, facing consequences in a mature way, learning to wait, to understand, and to forgive when one hurts the other. This book was really light and sweet and romantic in the best kind of way.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Sweet Home

Book 1.5 – Sweet Rome

Book 2 – Sweet Fall

Book 3 – Sweet Hope

Book 4 – Sweet Soul


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