Let me breathe first because this is going to be a bit on the intense side.

When I first started reading this series with It Ain’t Me, Babe, I was really thinking this was just going to be another MC romance series which was a little dark, a little dangerous, a little hot, a little disturbing, a little romantic. I was wrong. Every page, I was afraid of what was going to happen. I was afraid of how the author might wish to play out the plot. It wasn’t because the heroes were the antihero types. It wasn’t that the heroines could get too broken beyond repaid. No, it was that I was already very emotionally invested in her characters that I was afraid of how I might feel if they ever got into harm’s way.

We’ve already met both Maddie and Flame since Book 1, and we all know theirs was going to be a truly heartbreaking story, with Maddie’s experiences in the cult and Flame’s obviously disturbed story. I knew that the first two books wouldn’t even come close to how painful this third book would be. Heroine-wise, Maddie would have to be my favorite. I love Mae, but Maddie definitely had the biggest heart and the strongest mind. She took a man like Flame into her heart, took care of him when he needed her, fought his demons the way she knew how, and still managed to heal herself from her trauma.

There are no words to explain how and why I love this book. I just do. The depth of the story, the character development, the plot twists, the surprises that came along the way, the unravelling, eveything that Ms Cole put in this book was emotional, explosive, and unforgettable. Like the previous two books, I have something to take away from this book. These are:

First, sex is an expression. Whether of corruption and evil, dominance and power, need and desire, or love and acceptance. Like Flame and Maddie, their experiences with sex were those of corruption, evil, abuse, power, hate. But together, sex was their expression of love, forgiveness, acceptance. Their coming together was a sign that they have moved on and are moving towards a better place.

Next, the past is a monster that never lets you sleep, at least not until you confront it. Flame was a slave to his nightmares for so long that it became his comfort zone. He was used to cutting, to hearing that voice, seeing that monster that haunted him. It was difficult for him to face his past. When he did, he found a reward that was truly a treasure. He found a brother.

Lastly, the heart has an immeasurable capacity for love. Like Ash who lived for the hope of meeting his brother one day. Like Maddie who loved the broken man who saved her from the man who tormented her. Like Flame who confronted his past, so he could move forward and heal for Maddie. Like Lilah and Mae who found love despite the environment they were brought up in. Like the Hades Hangmen who were dark characters, outlaws, different, but would walk through fire for the women they love.

I cannot wait to read Deep Redemption because I want to see Rider redeem himself. I want to see an antagonist lose his way and find himself again. Tillie Cole is probably one of the best authors of this generation, and I am really in love with her books.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – It Ain’t Me, Babe

Book 2 – Heart Recaptured

Book 3 – Souls Unfractured

Book 4 – Deep Redemption











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