How do you like your romance novels? Me, I like them dirty. Sometimes I like them dark. Sometimes I like them sweet. But I always like them hot. And J. Daniels gives me every bit of sweet and hot and dirty every time I read her books. It may have taken me awhile to join the bandwagon, but when I did, I swore I was never getting out. She is another author I can just stalk on social media, and her books are amazing, I will never get tired reading them again and again.

Where I Belong is my first book from her. And I immediately fell in love with Benjamin motherfucking 9-incher Kelly. Officer Benjamin motherfucking 9-incher Kelly. Yep. If he was a real person, I swear I am going to hunt him down and drag him back to my house and tie him up, so no one will ever have him but me. Seriously. And Mia? Well, she’s just the perfect heroine that if Ben Kelly was a real person who had his rel-life Mia, she’d be the only reason I might hesitate to steal him from.

I’ve read thousands of books. J. Daniels’ stories aren’t really never-before-written, tackled, talked about. In fact, Ben and Mia’s story is so common I’ve probably read it a couple hundred times from so many different authors. But what makes them so different from he rest? What is it about Ben and Mia that I truly loved and cannot get enough of? Is it the fact that Ben was a man’s man, but he was so sweet and so open to his feelings for Mia and so wonderful to his son? Is it the heartwarming relationship between Mia and Ben’s son who was really hungry for a mother’s love? Is it the hostile relationship between Ben and Mia when they were kids only to fall in love with each other in one night before they knew who each other was? Is it the healthy dose of super hot sex scenes? Well, it’s actually none of those and all of those. The simple answer is that it’s J. Daniels’ ability to write characters that everybody loves, a story that everybody can relate to, and a chemistry that everybody wants. It’s all of the things she does in her books that makes them a pleasure to read. That’s why she is one of my favorite authors for all time.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Where I Belong

Book 2 – All I Want

Book 3 – When I Fall

Book 3.5 – Where We Belong

Book 4 – What I Need

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