I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve always liked Megan Hart’s books. They are in the romance category, but I always feel like the romance aspect takes a back seat to the psychological part of the story. Her characters are always complex. Her endings are always unpredictable. The way she plays out a plot is truly engaging. I think my favorite of hers will always be Dirty. But there are so many other books that she wrote that I also immensely enjoyed.

Having said all that, I will say that while I enjoyed Hold Me Close, it wasn’t going to be one of my favorite Megan Hart books. Here’s the thing: I didn’t like the heroine. I know that it’s a shallow reason, but I always thought that the heroine had things easy. People wanted to please her. People wanted to shelter her after what happened to her and the hero. And all those years afterwards, she took it all for granted. She let herself be broken and unfixable. She liked stringing the hero along. I mean, the hero went through an ordeal too. They were together for pete’s sake. But he kind of grew up and didn’t spiral into a path of self destruction. I wanted the ending to be different. I wanted the hero to really end up with someone else because more than anyone, he needs healing too. I wanted to heroine to find herself and her strength on her own, so she would learn never to push away people who loved you again.

Alas, I think the thing I took away from this book was that both main characters were actually broken beyond repair. One just seemed to be healthier than the other. But they were both actually impossible to fix. The hero would always be comfortable being strung along. He would never thrive in a relationship where he wasn’t the giver. The heroine will alway take what she can, and I don’t see an HEA for them. However, that’s kind of the reality for other people. That’s the dynamic of their relationship. And Megan Hart has never written stories with fairy tale, one-for-the-movies kind of endings. As always, she ends this book with a puzzle, something that readers won’t soon forget.

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