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I am a self-confessed Tillie Cole fan. I stalk her on social media. I re-read her books when I have the time or when my schedule is free. I wait anxiously for enw releases from her. Seriously, I love her and her stories. I don’t know what kind of magic she does with her books, but they always hook me in and never let go, even long after I’ve finished the entire book.

When I first read Raze, I immediately fell in love with Luka. He was a real hero, a true man whose golden heart remained true despite everything he went through. He was a true leader, a great person to love. I loved Raze because of the tragedy and heartbreak that both main characters has to go through before finally getting their happy ending. Reap was basically the same. It’s the same in a sense that the herpes are always the ones who survived the most awful circumnstances and still found goodness within themselves, a goodness that made it possible for them to love and be loved in return.

Scarred Souls is truly her darkest series, and one that I love most of all. I loved the Hades Hangmen, but there’s something about the seemingly impossible experiences that both Scarred Souls heroes when through that gets me everytime. Also, the women in this series aren’t as emphasized as her other heroines are. However, both Kisa and Talia were strong women who were also brave enough to love their men.

Reap is about family and feuds that divide families apart. It is a book that shows that love does not keep grudges and that when we do not take into consideration a person’s history, family, and background, we will find that we are all equal, that we all aspire for the same things. Luka and 362 found brotherhood in each other because their pasts and families didn’t matter then. Zaal and Talia fell in love because their families did not become a factor.

I love the things and lessons I take away from Tillie Cole’s books. I swear, she is the queen. I cannot wait for this series to continue because it just keeps getting more thrilling, more exciting, and I just know that this amazing author I love will never disappoint.

Reading Order [book-series]

Book 1 – Raze

Book 2 – Reap

Book 3 – Ravage

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