Finally, October is done. It was the first month of the blog’s Feature Author monthly special. It was successful. Then again, I started the special with an amazing author, one I absolutely love, admittedly stalk, and whose books I freaking adore and could read over and over again. I really believe that Tillie Cole writes the most emotional compelling stories, and I am one huge fan, among very many others.

This month, the spotlight is now on another personal favorite. This author writes BDSM and has written BDSM even before it became a worldwide trend. Her books introduced me to the genre. I remember the first time I read her books. It was Burn For You. I didn’t read the preceding books, so I felt like I missed out a lot on that story. However, what I remember most was feeling like a fish out of water. It was definitely out of my league, but I loved it. That was when I started reading many other books with BDSM elements.

Like last month, I am hosting a month-long giveaway, where the winner will receive an ebook copy of any one of Ms. Joseph’s books. Also, you will find the schedule below for the books that I will be reviewing through the month. You will also find the books I’ve reviewed last month, so you can go back and check them out too.

It has been one amazing October. Here’s to hoping November will be as great. Here’s to hoping, too, that you will have a great month and happy holidays!

Featured Author Review Schedule:
November 4 – Comfort Object
November 7 – Caressa’s Knees
November 10 – Odalisque
November 13 – Command Performancev
November 16 – Deep In The Woods
November 19 – Fortune
November 22 – Cait And The Devil
November 25 – Owning Wednesday
November 28 – Firebird









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