November was quite a busy month for me. I was behind on my reviews a lot. Plus, the fact that I am currently ni the process of moving to another host is adding to the things I still am trying to accomplish. Oh, well, I may have also been a tad distracted last month, so there’s that.

Anyway, November has been an overall great month when it comes to reviews. I’ve read several amazing stories and discovered new authors that I liked. This month, I don’t have a lot of pre-scheduled commitments. I purposefully left my December open because I want to enjoy the holidays and get out of the house more this month. I’m still participating in lots of book tours, so there’s a lot to watch out for on the blog.

The blog’s featured author for this month is Alexa Riley. Last month, we featured an author that specialized in BDSM and all the kinky stuff. This month, we’re not venturing so far away in terms of genre. If you’ve read or heard of Alexa Riley, then you know that she writes really hot stories. I can’t wait to start reviewing her books all through the month.

Have a great December, folks, and have a wonderful Christmas!

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