I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I read Preyfinders because a review copy was offered in NetGalley. I have read books from Cari Silverwood before, but I have to say that the Preyfinders series was my favorite. I love Sci Fi Romance, so I enjoyed the Preyfinders because it was different from a lot of other SFR I’ve read. When I was offered the chance to read Cyberella, I immediately took it. This book is still in the Preyfinders unvicerse, although Ella and Torgeir’s story stands on its own.

I liked Cyberella because it was more into the kinky side instead of the dark side. It’s still a fast paced story even if it wasn’t as action oriented that the Preyfinders. The main characters were both enjoyable characters to read. The world-building was amazing, although it’s a universe that a lot of readers are already familiar with. I already love the Sci Fi Romance genre, and I already like Cari silverwood’s books. However, with me reading the Preyfinders series and Cyberella, I have to say that Ms. Silverwood will be on my watch list from now on.

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