Sheikh Adilan Adjalane has always felt he has a lot to prove…and that’s why he always wins. As the youngest in his hugely successful family, it’s not easy to live in his older brother’s shadow. So when he sees a chance get back his father’s land, the former Olympian will fight to earn his place at the top of the family real estate business. But with an older brother who’ll stop at nothing and a beautiful, feisty American landowner who refuses to sell, Adilan is struggling to remember that he always fights fair.

Teacher Michelle Reynolds has always wanted to see the world, and it doesn’t take long for her to fall in love with the Middle East. She’s always been open to compromise, but when Adilan Adjalane offers her cash for her land, Michelle refuses. She’s determined to build a sanctuary on her mother’s land, just as she promised. Besides, she’s been warned about the Adjalanes. Adilan may be devastatingly handsome, but she knows he comes from a family of heartbreakers.

With the stakes getting higher and their attraction growing, will Adilan have to sacrifice his ethics to earn his place in the family business, or is Michelle more important than winning?


I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

There was a time when I loved binging on category romances from Harlequin. And to be fair, some of those are actually quite good. Most contemporary romances these days are similar in story to Harlequin stories, although books now have been expanded and have been taken to the next level when it comes to length, heat, and plot development.

This series reminds me so much of the older category romances from HP. Even the fact that it’s shorter than most of the books I read these days. The Sheikh’s Stubborn Lover shows the cultural differences that factor into the issues of the relationship between the main characters. Of course, interracial love stories are no longer new. These types of stories have been around for decades. But somehow, readers still get hooked into stories that show couples who try to adjust to each other despite the differences in their culture and upbringing.

I liked this book because both hero and heroine were strong people. I like them individually, so when they were put together, I liked it even more. I like that the plot was actually simple, but Ms. North was able to inject the right amount of steam and character development. Though the emotions may have been a bit insta-love, the real connection was still developed throughout the book. I read the first book in this series, and I have to say, I liked both books, so if there’s more to this series in the future, I will be definitely watching out for it.


Leslie North is the pen name for a critically-acclaimed author of women’s contemporary romance and fiction. The anonymity gives her the perfect opportunity to paint with her full artistic palette, especially in the romance and erotic fantasy genres.

The truth of the matter is she loves her fictional persona, Leslie North, more than her normal, day-to-day persona! Her bestselling books focus on strong characters and particularly women who aren’t afraid to challenge an alpha male. Inspired after years of travel, her stories are set all over the world, from the tough streets of Russia to the beautiful beaches of the middle east.

Leslie fell in love with romance when she first picked up a scrappy, dog-eared romance book from her local library. She began writing soon after and the rest, as they say, was history. She now lives in a cozy cottage on the British coast and enjoys taking long walks with her two Dalmatians, George and Fergie.

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