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Seashell Bay #3
VK Sykes
Releasing February 23rd, 2016
All Holly Tyler wants is a fantastic career, a not-too-committed relationship, and a city where there are no painful memories. Instead, she’s called back to her hometown of Seashell Bay to help with her family’s struggling general store. It’s a town where everyone knows everyone, and where one man could sink Holly’s careful plans.
Deputy Sheriff Micah Lancaster has wanted Holly for as long as he can remember. He knows she has a life on the mainland-and a boyfriend-and that there’s no real future with her. But now Holly is back and the attraction still flickers between them, a promise of something more. Their desire is stronger than any undertow . . . and once it pulls them under, it won’t let go.
I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book’s blog tour promotions.

I always love a good small town setting. There’s always something about a place where people know each other and look after one another. Yes, there are downsides to it, especially when people start getting into other’s people’s business. But it’s usually with good intentions. I’ve followed Seashell Bay since the first book, so I’ve been waiting on this book since I first learned about it.

See You At Sunset is your typical friends-to-lovers story. The main characters were good friends, although there has been a growing attraction between them, especially on the hero’s part. The heroine kind of frustrated me several times. But I guess her character was consistent, and come one, there are really people like her in real life. The hero was a very good character. He was one of the things I liked most in the book.

Seashell Bay has been consistent in giving readers and fans a feel-good vibe with every installment. As of right now, I can’t really say which book is my favorite because all three books have their own appeal. What I can say, though, is that this series really gave me a relaxing escape, and I enjoyed every moment of that.





V.K. Sykes is really two people – Vanessa Kelly and Randy Sykes, a husband and wife team who write USA Today Bestselling contemporary romance and also romantic suspense. Randy excels at plot and characterization, but tends to fall down on the job when it comes to that pesky old thing called emotion. That’s where Vanessa steps in. She usually writes the sex scenes too, since Randy is a bit uncomfortable when it comes to that sort of stuff. Vanessa also writes award-winning Regency-set historical romance for Kensington Zebra under her own name. You can check out Vanessa’s bestselling historical romances at www.vanessakellyauthor.com
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